Looking for a passionate programmer and game developer for your next project?

Determination and Dedication

Knowing that my skills are budding both professionally and personally, I strive to place myself on the horizon of new and exciting challenges by constantly involving myself in cutting edge technology, connecting to any and all learning resources, and evolving from every success, trial, and failure. As I feel mirrors life as a whole, there is no grandiose statement here about knowing it all, but instead, a promise that if you set me to a task, even if it one that I know nothing about, I will demonstrate the utmost drive and dedication in understanding and mastering it.

Knowledgeable, but Adaptable

I am a C/C++ programmer at heart, having worked mostly in the two since my introduction to programming four years ago. I love the challenges that these two languages are capable of surprising me with and the options that C/C++ will inevitably present me with for solving them. However, that does not mean that I code exclusively in them. I’ll pick up a new language or library on request, and as aforementioned, diligently apply myself towards learning and mastering it. I love learning something new and the creativity that limitations inspire, especially in things like game jams and hack-a-thons.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Game development is a collaborative effort. An effective team member knows how to communicate and cooperate with others, especially members of different creative disciplines. Intra-team and inter-team communication are significantly different, and thus both require serious and mutually exclusive time commitment that I fight to willing commit to in the service of the team as a whole. I can write documentation in a concise manner both persuasively and technically. On the code side of things, I’ve have experience working with multiple programmers, and understand and frequent version control software like Git, SVN, and Perforce, as well as team communication and coordination tools like Slack and Trello.

Widely-Used Tools

These are some of the third party engines and tools that I’ve used in the past, with hopefully many more to come: